About us

The perfect sulaimani tea is brewed to golden perfection with sugar, and a daub of lemon. Some variations include cloves, cardamom and cinnamon.
Sulaimani tea is most popular in the region of Kerala, India, but takes its name from the Arabic language. One of many examples of the wonderfully blurred lines that exist between the Arabian and Indian cultures.

At andSulaimani we carefully curate festive and modest clothing mixed with creativity and a little bit of eccentricity. Capes, Kimones, and shirts, andSulaimani aims to deliver design aesthetics with minimalism, wit and a craftsmanship, which finds a timeless audience.

We are a truly cross-cultural brand who combines philosophical design experiments with a rigorous process. We strongly believe that the ultimate empowerment is to wear something incredibly minimal and comfortable!

Growing up in Sharjah and Dubai, we take our inspiration from both the beautifully gritty streets of Sharjah and the shiny newness of Dubai. We exist in the glitter of the modern city, but are more comfortable in the humble alleys of the souk.
We speak Hindi, Malayalam, Arabic and English.
We are andSulaimani.